The Board of directors of IFA comprise of volunteer professionals, art connoisseurs as well as artists with a common passion for promoting Indian arts and culture in the Central Texas area. They have diverse backgrounds and interests. They have experience in various fields like finance, accounting, event management, artists sponsorship, community involvement, teaching and reaching out to underserved  sections of the community. Together they form a compelling team of dedicated volunteers, making IFA a strong and vital part of Austin's cultural diversity.

Executive Board (2011-2012):
Mrs. Janaki Nagarajan- President
Mr.  Jayanth  Sridhara- Vice_President
Mr. Rajesh Kini - Secretary
Dr. A. Nagarajan - Treasurer

Board of Directors:
Mr. Srinivasan Sampathkumaran
Mrs. Geetha Srinivasan
Mr. Robert Whyburn
Mr. Dan Benkman
Mrs. Rathna Reddy
Dr. Sulatha Dwarakanath
Mr. Viswanath
Mrs. Sumana Mandala
Mr. Bini Nampoothiri

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