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Ramanavami Cultural Participation - Postoned

2020 Participation Rules and Registration

Ramanavami Cultural Participation 2020 Participation Rules and Registration

1. We would like to receive entry applications from the teachers of music, instrumental and dance schools, not from individual participants.

2. We are only accepting group performances (Group of 4 or more), no solo performances (small episodes from the story of Ramayana is welcome).

3. Only intermediate and advanced performers will be considered.

4. The theme of all performances should be on Lord Rama.

5. Duration of each performance will be decided after all entries are received, and is dependent on the number of entries.

6. The deadline for application is March 22, 2020.

7. There will be a registration fee of $10.00 for each person participating in the program and should be sent along with the application

a. This fee is per participant and if the participation exceeds more than 3 groups, the participant should pay a flat fee of $25/- for registration.

b. Teachers or Team Leaders are responsible for their group's registration fee c. This fee goes to cover the costs of organizing the event.

8. Programs are decided based on a first-come first-serve basis - therefore, please do not wait until the last minute to apply.

9. The Ramanavami Committee will decide on the selection of programs. All decisions made by the Committee are final.

Event Sponsored By India Fine Arts, Austin, Texas.

Click here for the Cultural Participation Form

Registration Deadline: March 22nd, 2020

Please remember to mail your registration to:
9917 Spicewood Mesa, Austin, TX 78759.

Do not forget to attach your Group registration fee ($10.00/per participant in the Group) with your registration. Please make all checks payable to India Fine Arts.

You may also pay by paypal below: